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Finest Quality Lenses

We use only the Best Designs and Materials for YOUR VISION!

When it comes to the quality of your vision we will make no compromises and neither should you!

Not all lenses, materials and coatings are created equally.  That's why we use only the latest lens designs, materials and treatments from worldwide manufacturers Hoya and Essilor.  These companies use multi-million dollar fabrication equipment to produce optical lens designs to exacting standards.  No in house lab can compete with the resources and technology of these lens leaders.

Hoya Premium Lenses

HOYALUX iD LifeStyle™

HOYA introduces the newest innovation in HOYA Free-Form Design Technology.  New HOYALUX iD LifeStyle, with award-winning Integrated Double Surface Technology, now makes it easy for more people to share the vision.

Exceptional vision made possible by:

HOYALUX iD technology that separates the performance of the front and back surfaces.

Standardized Vertical Power Progression

•  Vertical power progressions on the front surface for reduced eye movement between distance and near

•  Lens structure designed to continuously follow the wearer's natural eye rotation

•  Uniform curvature of the front surface ensures the same perception for every stage of presbyopia

Customized Horizontal Power Progression

•  Utilizes HOYA Free-Form Technology for a completely customized back surface

•  Horizontal progressive powers are placed on the back surface for wider visual zones

Balanced View Control Technology

• Integrates front and back lens surfaces to provide a natural perception of the world around you

• Eliminates the uncomfortable perception of skew distortion and swimming sensations

Without Balanced View Control........ With Balanced View Control

Essilor Premium Lenses


DEFINITY™ Lenses provide patients with the widest intermediate zone and least amount of peripheral distortion of any progressive lens.
DEFINITY™ Lenses provide a much wider intermediate zone than Conventional Progressive lenses.
DEFINITY™ Lenses have significantly less peripheral distortion than Conventional Progressive lenses.

With progressive lenses, peripheral distortion increases with add power. However, patients experience substantially less peripheral distortion with DEFINITY™ Lenses compared to Conventional Progressive lenses.
This is especially true at higher add powers
In larger lenses, DEFINITY™ is the only progressive lens that features a unique GROUND VIEW ADVANTAGE ™
This GROUND VIEW ADVANTAGE™ minimizes distortion and flattens the field of vision
Provides patients with clearer vision when looking down
May help when walking downstairs

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