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Premium Lens Materials and Treatments

Anti-Reflection Coatings are the best thing you can put on a lens!

Until recently Anti-Reflection coatings were difficult to keep clean, easily scratched, and eventually de-laminated.  THAT HAS ALL CHANGED!  Todays coatings not only eliminate glare they look great, are easily cleaned and are one of the most durable finishes that can be put on a lens!  Ask for SuperHiVision on your HOYA lenses or Crizal Alize' on your Essilor lenses.


Materials Make a Huge Difference!

Consider High Index materials for thinner, more comfortable eyewear!

As your prescription gets stronger your lenses get thicker.  That's why if you're more than marginally near or far sighted you should consider having your new lenses made from a higher index  material than ordinary plastic.  There are a multitude of choices but we recommend TRIVEX, EYAS 1.60 or EYRY 1.70 high index materials.  Your Optician will help you make the right choice for your vision and lifestyle.

Photochromics are BETTER than EVER!

The convenience of Transitions makes them a top choice!

The newest generation of Transitions photochromic lenses get darker regardless of temperature, lighten quicker, and are overall a much better product than previous photochromics.  Keep in mind however, no photochromic will reach full potential inside an automobile because windshields contain UV filters.

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